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Dust allergy

This is also called mite allergy. 90% of the allergens in household dust consists of mites.

This allergy is also increasing, due to our current way of life. For instance, wall-to-wall carpet is increasingly used in apartments and houses, resulting in a significant accumulation of mites in the dwelling.


Mite allergies occur throughout the year, but peak in the beginning of the fall (first use of heating installations, more humidity)


Bee and wasp allergies

These allergies can be very serious, ranging from a simple local reaction to death due to allergy-induced shock


Other allergies

Mould allergies

These allergies are due to mould in the atmosphere (i.e. outside the house) or mould inside the house

Medicinal allergies

It is important to specify the medicine or group of medicines the patient is allergic to.

Food allergies

These allergies affect more and more people. This increase is due to the fact that we eat all sorts of food (particularly exotic products) and that our food contains more and more additives. Certain food allergies can disappear with age (e.g. milk allergy), while others can last a lifetime (e.g. nut allergy)

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